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More than Felicitous

9 of 10 Points

attraction to play that increases with every game.
Luck with the dice is not necessarily the decisive influence in this game.
only after several games, one experiences the tactical depth of this appealing game
With his eternal cycle, the author has succeeded in capturing the wheel of life on a game board.
Gerhard Göldenitz,

Like no other Game

9 of 10 Points

a felicitous game for two players with a completely new moving technique
its own dynamics
characteristics that you find in no other game
And one can also cleverly fool one's opponent in order to win.
Most certainly, Samsara is a game that you will pick from the shelf repeatedly
Wilfried Just, Ratgeberspiel
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Review from 37:21 to 52:32

Game fair report from 25:20 to 27:40

Samsara is too cool!

I just fell in love with Samsara.
as elegant to play as it is to look at
the game can be enjoyed on multiple levels
has a lot of strategic elements to it that won't seem as apparent until you played the game once or twice
It's always a fine line of what you should do.
One of the funnest aspects of the game is balancing
Samsara is too cool!
David Coleson, The Spiel, first and second podcast

Combination of Luck and Tactics

5 of 6 Points

simple rules, short playing time, and quickly set up and packed
concise, richly illustrated game instructions that leave no questions unanswered
The game stirs up emotions, and exactly this is fun
good entertainment value and replay appeal
Rarely a single game is sufficient, often the loser demands revenge.
felicitous combination of luck and tactics
Altogether, Thomas Weber has created a fine debut game for which one simply has to congratulate him.
Monika Harke, H@LL9000
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A couple submerged into a game of Samsara
A couple submerged into a game of Samsara
The game board sits on a high table covered by a black cloth. The two intensively contemplate the playing field.

Suspenseful and Facetted

The rules are easy to understand
a suspenseful and facetted game
Samsara, a dice game? Yes, as well. But Samsara is rather based on the tactical and clever change of tracks.
Anita Borchers, Reich der Spiele

Number 1

on the Roll The Dice Top 30 in the Netherlands on November 11, 2014

7 of 10 Points

Beautiful production, elegant rules, easy to teach. I'm taking it to every game night.
Some luck of dice, but smart play is definitely possible.
The users of Board Game Geek

Interesting Mechanism

A good dice game with an interesting change mechanism over the double fields.
Samsara enthralls with an excellent look and feel.
Claudia Schlee and Andreas Keirat, Spielphase

Number 22

among all new games in 2014, presented by H@LL9000 on November 27, 2014

Four people playing Samsara at a games night in a pub
Four people playing Samsara at a games night in a pub
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Logo of Roachware, the game reviews blog

For the whole Family

that you actually reflect more than initially assumed.
occasional players and families will also enjoy the game – the demands of the classic combination grandparents–grandchildren are met as well.
Michael Janßen, Roachware

Top 50

In spite of easy rules, a most interesting game emerges, characterised by tactics.
we are enthused!

Simple Rules

Very beautiful and valuable components
Simple rules with sophisticated results
This sophisticated mechanism of switching tracks does not offer up all its possibilities at first glance
nice combination of luck and tactics, which initiate[s] another game quickly.
WIN The Games Journal
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