Special Thanks

An elegant, young lady playing Samsara in a tavern
An elegant, young lady playing Samsara in a tavern. Courtesy of Defcon Unlimited.
She has long, blond hair and is giving a bright smile to the viewer.

A Child of Many Parents

A lot of people were involved in bringing Samsara into life. It is not possible for a game designer to complete a game only by himself. Here, I want to thank those who particularly have helped me during the development and promotion of Samsara.

Thank you all very much!

Thomas Weber

Inspiration, Support, and Advice

  • Karsten Höser, Holger Herrmann, and Jörg von Rüden gave me great support by regularly hosting the game designers' meeting (Spielautorentag) in Bochum and advising me during the design phase and at the beginning of the marketing stage.
  • Frank Mählen has directed, filmed, and produced two videos in order to give interested players an understanding of the Samsara rules. The films have earned great acknowledgement by the players.
  • Natalie was my charming co-player in the exemplary game.
  • Hildegard Wiedenmann, editor and heart of the publisher, saw to it that Samsara became part of the Gerhards program. Our cooperation has always been fabulous.
  • Ludwig Gerhards gave Samsara the fascinating shape it has. What a skilful handling of wood.
  • At the Buddhist Center in Essen (Buddhistisches Zentrum Essen), I gained essential understandings of the Buddhist concept of Samsara which is so detailed and helpful. An inspiring coincidence that I was developing the game at this time. They also provided the rooms for producing the videos.
  • Lissy and Kira from Defcon Unlimited posed for the atmospheric photos in the tavern.
  • Jochen Corts has initiated the tournament rules.
  • Hermann Kröger from Rombol has called my attention to the constellation which resulted in the Moksha rule.
  • Many reviewers have contributed their view on Samsara and thus helped to spread the news about the game.
  • A lot of gaming clubs and organisers of gaming events have given me the opportunity to present Samsara.
Samsara game board with starting position
Close-up of the Samsara game board made of beech with red playing pieces in starting position
Two young men immerged into playing Samsara
Two young men immerged into playing Samsara.
The left player is wearing a baseball cap and just moving a playing piece forward. The player to the right, with dread locks, his head resting on his hand, is contemplating.

Play Testers

The following players have tested Samsara at different stages of completion:

Torsten Buhck, Susanne and Matthias Cramer, Caja and Jan Hecker, Ines Herzog, Elmar Hill, Channing Jones, Hermann Kröger, Johanna Manz, Kees Meis, Dennis Merkx, Kai Mölleken, Stephan Neuber, Marko Ogermann, Stephan Overdick, Sören Paukstadt, Janusch Rentenatus, Jörg von Rüden, Frank Rudloff, Martin Schlegel, Thomas Spitzer, Heinz-Georg Thiemann, Hildegard and Julian Wiedenmann, Eva and Christoph Wygand, Paul and Max Zinke